Gwen Stefani wishes her marriage to Gavin Rossdale hadn’t ended in divorce, but accepts it as part of her personal journey.

The No Doubt singer had been married to the musician for 13 years when they announced they were splitting up in August (15). Gwen was left devastated by the breakdown of the relationship but remained positive by focusing on her children and her career, explaining the past few months have been deeply cathartic.

“There’s so many bad things…” Gwen said during an interview with 97.4 Fresh FM’s The Tommy Show on Wednesday (18Nov15). “Oh my god. I can’t even believe it, but at the same time there are lots of good things and I do get to have a second chance, and I have a lot of joy right now, I really do…. I don’t even know you guys. I feel like if I go too far I’m gonna look like a crazy person talking to you about this stuff.

“I wish it didn’t happen, I wish that all of this wasn’t happening, but at the same time I feel like it was part of my life journey. In my life I’ve had two really bad heartbreaks and I’ve written some incredible music out of it and I feel so lucky to have that and to be able to share it. I feel like it’s part of what I contribute to the world and I feel really proud of that. There’s always good things that come out of bad things.”

Gwen – who has three sons, Kingston, nine, Zuma, seven, and Apollo, 20 months, with Gavin – now feels in a happier place with her life. She has been busy writing songs, working as a mentor on US TV talent show The Voice and has even returned to dating – recently confirming she is in a relationship with her The Voice co-star Blake Shelton. The 46-year-old musician admits that pouring so much of herself into her lyrics means her songs usually offer a truthful perspective of her happiness.

“I’m in such a great place because I’ve been writing music,” Gwen added. “And for me that’s… everything that I love about being alive, because I haven’t been able to do it for so long. Even when I would try… nothing would happen but I have a feeling that I was just blessed with this opportunity to have this channel open up again. If you don’t think it’s ever going to happen again and it does, it’s even that much better.

“It’s almost the opposite because of my situation right now, which we all know what I’m talking about. You look at the song and go, ‘That was a red flag and that was a moment where I was feeling just as bad as I do today and why did I keep it up?’

“There’s always good things that come out of bad things.”

Gwen was also quizzed on whether she will tour in the near future and admitted she isn’t sure if she could take her “wild animal” boys on the road anytime soon. The singer would love to perform for her fans and is hoping to find a way to juggle family and tour commitments, if possible.